Latest Ukrainian Immigration and Temporary Residents Permits Rules

I. Ukrainian Immigration Rules

Ukrainian immigration legislation (and practice) have always been a source of confusion and frustration among the foreigners. For many years a near complete lack of enforcement helped to alleviate many of the problems, which foreigner visitors are starting to recently encounter. Today, Ukraine is closer to Europe than ever before, and for the first time since 1991, Ukrainian customs officials are beginning to strictly enforce the visitation rules for foreigners to periods of up to 90 days within a 180-day term, unless different rules are applicable to visas.

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Ukrainian Real Estate in 2017: Investment Opportunities and Risks

As any Ukrainian real estate agent will confirm: now is the best time to invest in residential properties in Kiev.  The prices for apartments are at their lowest since 1993, ranging from $800 to $3,000 per square meter (depending on the location and condition of the unit).  At the same time, no bank financing is available, which gives prospective purchasers with cash a tremendous negotiating advantage.  Last, but not least, in June 2017, Ukrainian citizens have been granted visa-free entry in any EU country, which means that Ukraine will surely become a European nation in 5-10 years, and prices for real estate will increase over the next few years.

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Obvious Historical Advice for Ukrainians

Excerpts from “Anti-Ukrainian or The Will to Fight, Be Defeated or Be Betrayed” by Dr. Oleksandr Savchenko:

It is difficult to refute a very simple truth: great nations learn from the mistakes of others, normal nations learn from their own mistakes, while backward (poor) nations generally have nothing to learn.  Ukraine is poor.  Within this system of clear logic one may conclude that Ukrainians are a backward people.  Why did this happen?

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Ukraine and the Struggle (War) for Civilization

Excerpts from “Anti-Ukrainian or The Will to Fight, Be Defeated or Be Betrayed” by Dr. Oleksandr Savchenko:

It is possible that the victory of the new, pro-Western, progressive forces on the home front is still not a guarantee of the success of Ukraine.  History teaches and both the first and second (Revolution of Dignity) Maidan revolutions especially show that Russia, as the citadel of the “Russian World” or Moscovy Orthodox civilization, always supports reactionary forces and counterrevolution in Ukraine.  And, if this is not enough, Russia always instigates war.  The Revolution of Dignity for the first time in world history brought Ukraine into the main arena in the fight for civilization (for now in the form of a hybrid war from the side of Russia).  I will set forth my view of this process.

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Victories and Treason: From Revolution to Counterrevolution

Excerpts from “Anti-Ukrainian or The Will to Fight, Be Defeated or Be Betrayed” by Dr. Oleksandr Savchenko:

What haven’t the nationalist and patriotic forces (and I consider myself to be one of them) been able to do since independence?  Why hasn’t Ukraine become a member of the European Union?  Why did Ukraine end up the poorest country in Europe at such a breakneck speed?  In my opinion, the main problem with the Ukrainian nationalist/patriotic forces was the weak will toward power: we loved Ukraine, freedom and democracy more than the power that would have guaranteed their preservation.  Romanticism held dominion over rationalism within the Ukrainian nationalist/patriotic forces, and the word ruled over action!

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