Alex Frishberg Participates in the Roundtable Discussion with the Minister of Agriculture of Sweden

March 5, 2009

On March 5, 2009, Alex Frishberg participated in a Roundtable Discussion during the official visit to Ukraine of the Minister of Agriculture of Sweden, Mr. Eskil Erlandsson. The event was organized by the Swedish Trade Council.

The participants of the Roundtable Discussion analyzed the current state of the agricultural sector of Ukraine, described their projects and presented prognoses concerning future development. In that context Mr. Frishberg outlined various legal methods employed in agricultural projects amidst political and economic turbulence.

Other guests included Swedish and Ukrainian experts working in the agricultural sector of Ukraine, such as Mr. Leonid Kozachenko from the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, Ms. Katre Saard from the Alpcot Agro AB, Mrs. Sofia Carlsson from the Ministry of Agriculture of Sweden and the Ambassador of Sweden, Mr. Stefan Gullgren.



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