Alex Frishberg Participates in the Swedish-Ukrainian Business Club Seminar in Kyiv

February 7-8, 2007

Alex Frishberg delivered a speech at the business seminar “Ukraine as a Business Partner”, held on February 7-8, 2007, in Kiev, Ukraine.  The event, arranged by the Swedish-Ukrainian Business Club jointly with "Nordpraktik - New Managers for Ukraine" Program, was dedicated to issues of foreign investment and development of business in Ukraine, industrial analysis, as well as financing of the development of Swedish businesses on the territory of Ukraine.

In his speech on "Options for Establishing Business in Ukraine: Considerations, Implications and Recommendations", Mr. Frishberg highlighted the legal aspects of company formation, selection of appropriate business forms, registration, strategic investment and taxation. Special emphasis was placed on the acquisition of corporate rights in companies and real property related thereto, as well as due diligence on real property objects.

The Swedish-Ukrainian Business Club was established on June 21, 2006 as a non-governmental organization to support a platform for business development between Ukraine and Sweden by joining the forces of Swedish and Ukrainian companies, individuals and other partners into one joint network.

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Alex Frishberg Appointed an Honorary Legal Adviser to the British Ambassador

January, 2007

Alex Frishberg was appointed an Honorary Legal Adviser to the British Ambassador in Ukraine, H.E. Timothy Barrow. Mr. Frishberg is the author of numerous articles on investment opportunities in Ukraine, including the firm's widely acclaimed annual legal reference guide "Doing Business in Ukraine". His practices include mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, real estate and privatization.

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Alex Frishberg Participates in a Business Seminar in Stockholm, Sweden

December 4, 2006

Alex Frishberg delivered a speech at the business seminar "Opening the Gates to Investment Opportunities in Russia and Ukraine", held on December 4, 2006, in Stockholm, Sweden. The event, arranged by the Swedish Ukrainian Business Club jointly with Swedish Russian Business Club, was aimed at drawing the attention of potential Swedish investors to Ukraine and Russia.

In his speech on "Foreign Investment Legislation in Ukraine", Mr. Frishberg highlighted the legal perspective of doing business in Ukraine, focusing on structuring foreign investments via acquisition of corporate rights, land lease for greenfield projects and other investment opportunities in Ukraine.

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Alex Frishberg Delivers a Speech at the Ukrainian Real Estate International Forum

November 28-29, 2006

Alex Frishberg participated in the Ukrainian Real Estate International Forum, held on 28-29 November, 2006 in Kiev, Ukraine. The event, arranged by the Adam Smith Institute to draw attention to the growing Ukrainian real estate market, gathered about 380 participants from Switzerland, UK, Israel, Russia, Austria, Germany, Luxemburg and other countries, as well as representatives of international developers and investment advisors.

In his speech on "Structuring Foreign Investment in Ukrainian Real Property", Mr. Frishberg highlighted the legal aspects of real estate transactions and investment in Ukraine, drawing special attention to structuring real estate transactions via the acquisition of corporate rights, land lease for greenfield projects and investment opportunities in unfinished construction.

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Alex Frishberg Speaks on the Ukrainian Investment Climate for Representatives of the Russel 20-20 Association

October 30, 2006 

On October 30, 2006, Alex Frishberg made a presentation on the peculiarities of doing business in Ukraine for the representatives of the Russel 20-20 Association.

The Russel 20-20 Association unites the largest institutional investors involved in the research of potentially attractive markets for investment. The members of the Association include the top-management of global pension funds, foundations and assets management companies, together representing approximately USD 9 billion of investment capital. Each year they visit countries with developing financial markets with the aim of gathering additional information on the investment climate and analyzing existing investment opportunities. Their analysis is based on the evaluation of risks and profitability regardless of social, political and economical determinants of the country.

In his presentation, Mr. Frishberg pointed out that despite the announced state plan of massive legislative and social reforms and European integration, the current foreign investment legislation grants few advantages to investors in Ukraine. The cancellation of free economic zones and VAT privileges and the re-privatization process were cited among the recent evidence of this trend. Nevertheless, Mr. Frishberg stressed that Ukraine is one of the fastest growing markets and has opportunities that are no longer available in other countries, including extremely low labor and production costs.

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