Roundtable: “Defending Interests of Foreign Companies in Ukrainian Courts: Theory and Practice”

February 8, 2012

Since the arrival of the Yanukovich administration, the Ukrainian tax inspection has a new assignment: to collect as much money as possible for the state budget. And, the number of tax inspections has increased greatly with that goal in mind. As a result, numerous companies have been subjected to “surprise visits” that often result in confiscation of computers and company documents (usually financial records) with a distinct possibility of fines and even criminal charges. 

At the same time, Ukrainian courts rarely provide adequate relief in a timely fashion. In fact, the Ukrainian judiciary is notorious for un predictability and corruption. So how does a foreign company defend its interests in Ukrainian courts?   

To answer this vital question, on February 8, 2012, we held a round table together with U.S.-Ukraine Business Council before the international business and diplomatic community. The speakers included Alex Frishberg, Alexander Pavlov (head of Ukraine-Israel Business Council) as well as Sergei Vepritskiy and Anatoly Polyakh (founders of the “Ukrainian Foundation of Advocats,” an organization that consists of former litigators and prosecutors who regularly defend foreign companies in Ukrainian courts).      

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