Prof.Oleksandr Savchenko

President International Institute of Business.

In 1979 O.Savchenko graduated from Kyiv Institute of National Economy. Up to 1991 he worked there as an instructor, senior lecturer, lab research manager, doctoral student, professor. He also taught and fulfilled scientific researches abroad, at Harvard University (USA) and London School of Economics (UK).

When O. Savchenko became the Deputy Governor of the National Bank of UkraineIn 1991 he developed a framework of new monetary policy, opened the first correspondent account of the National Bank of Ukraine with a western bank, prepared the first intergovernmental loan agreement and organized the introduction and issue of hryvna as a national currency.

In quality of Executive Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London, in 1993 he was the first Ukrainian who was entrusted to represent the governments of Romania, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia.During his tenure of office in EBRD more than 20 projects for the amount of $0.5 billion were funded, including the reconstruction of the International Airport "Boryspil" and the credit line for small and medium-sized enterprises, amounting to $120 million.

Having returnd to Ukraine, he was invited to work as the Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine and to the Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine.

In 1997 O.Savchenko initiated creation of Bank Austria Creditanstalt Ukraine with the Ukrainian Commercial Bank Aval, the Austrian bank Creditanstalt and the International Finance Corporation as shateholders. Under his guidance the bank was recognized in 1998 as the best foreign bank in Ukraine.

Later on he created the International Commerce Bank and became its Chairman of the Board.

From the moment of his appointment to the post of the Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine in 2005, O. Savchenko was responsible for general administration and supervision of the Department of Currency Exchange Regulation and Licensing, Risk Management Division and International Credit Line Project Division of the National Bank of Ukraine, also supervising cash circulation and cooperation with IMF and World Bank.

In September 2009 O.Savchenko was assigned to the position of the Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine.

In March 2009 he submitted the resignation and took charged of the International Institute of Business.

Currently O. Savchenko is the President of the International Institute of Business .

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