Obvious Historical Advice for Ukrainians

Excerpts from “Anti-Ukrainian or The Will to Fight, Be Defeated or Be Betrayed” by Dr. Oleksandr Savchenko:

It is difficult to refute a very simple truth: great nations learn from the mistakes of others, normal nations learn from their own mistakes, while backward (poor) nations generally have nothing to learn.  Ukraine is poor.  Within this system of clear logic one may conclude that Ukrainians are a backward people.  Why did this happen?

All of the humiliations, sufferings, victories, defeats and betrayals of Ukrainians are encoded into the character of the Ukrainian nation.  Unfortunately, there have been many more defeats and betrayals than victories.  This shows that in Ukraine there is the will to fight, but there is a stronger will to be defeated and betrayed after the victories of Ukrainians.

In 2013 Ukraine finally encapsulated its civilizational choice.  Ukraine irreversibly returned to the Western Civilization to which it naturally belongs.  This means that the will of the strongest civilization on the globe, the Western Civilization, began to strengthen the will of Ukrainians toward victory.

Here is the first historical fact.  Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Stalin and Putin are not the enemies of the Ukrainian people.  The eternal, historical enemy of Ukraine is Russia.

Only a weak Russia is compatible with the existence of an independent, neutral Ukraine and, therefore, the weakening of Russia, and even better the peaceful and controlled disintegration of Russia into several states and territories, should become the main hope of the Ukrainian people, if not a national idea.  There is only one alternative to the future mutual destruction of Ukraine and Russia – Ukraine joining NATO and the placement of NATO forces on its territory.  If external propaganda will ever work in Ukraine, then the aforementioned message should become vital for Russia and the West. I reiterate: only Ukraine’s entry into NATO can save Russia and Ukraine from an eternal war of destruction and the world from the threat of a world war.

In the entire civilized world – and I mean Western Civilization – the majority of educated individuals know two languages: the language of the country in which they were born or reside and the English language.

English all over the world is the language of international communication, business, science and culture.  The vast majority of Ukrainians also know two languages in Ukraine – Ukrainian and Russian…instead of English!  They don’t have enough time or aptitude for a third language.  Hence, Ukrainians are cut off from the achievements of global civilization and business; they are artificially tuned into the Russian language with which they, under Kremlin control, communicate with the outside world.  Under this Russian-Ukrainian system of duality Ukraine will always be doomed to poverty and scientific and cultural deficiency.

Ukrainians need to understand that the Ukrainian language cannot in and of itself overcome the Russian language, but together with the English language it can.  If Ukrainians accept the values of Western Civilization, then Ukrainian and English bilingualism should become the linguistic standard in Ukraine.  Knowledge of the Russian language, just like knowledge of the German, French, Hungarian and Polish languages, will naturally increase the potential of those Ukrainians who are able to command three or more languages.

A second historical fact is that Ukraine, as any normal country, was successful due only to its strong army and developed science and culture.

The history of Ukraine teaches that the most effective instrument in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine was and still is intelligence from a great army of agents and informants.  They not only informed the Russian powers, they jointly influenced the decisions of the Ukrainian elite and the armed forces.  This was the same in the times of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Ivan Mazepa, and Symon Petliura, not to mention current Ukraine.  This is why it is exceedingly necessary to undertake a concentrated effort to cleanse Ukraine of Russian agents and informants by using a lie detector and American and European experts.

The third historical fact is the logical conclusion from the two previous facts.  Ukrainians not only need to shed themselves of their inherent tolerance toward supporters of the hostile, aggressive, anti-Ukrainian “Russian world” in Ukraine, they must actively launch a decrease of their numbers.

It is critical to identify and expose the most dangerous anti-Ukrainians in all key spheres: economical, financial, judicial, political, cultural…  There have been many attempts to identify the 100 most famous historical figures in Ukraine or the 100 most famous Ukrainian scientists.  I would like to propose another project: to announce the 100 most dangerous anti-Ukrainians in all spheres of Ukrainian society.

The result of this project should expose the names of 100 anti-Ukrainians and the amount of Ukrainian money that each of them is obligated to return to Ukraine.  All conmen should be punished and their stolen billions returned to the Ukrainian people, businessmen and state.  If the stolen money is not returned and the scam artists are not punished, then the law enforcement officers and the judges are in on it.  Such law enforcement officers and judges should also be publically included into the new 100 anti-Ukrainians, only into another public sphere!  This is the way to coerce the Ukrainian anti-corruption agencies into working.  Only when these agencies begin to efficiently work (conmen will be in prison and money will be returned to the rightful owners) will the permanent financial crisis in Ukraine come to an end.


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